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Mad Honey orignal - Nepali Rhododendron Honey 50g
Mad Honey orignal - Nepali Rhododendron Honey 50g
Mad Honey orignal - Nepali Rhododendron Honey 50g

Mad Honey orignal - Nepali Rhododendron Honey 50g

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 Rarest most potent Mad Honey available 

This is pure Nepalese honey, known as “cliff honey” or पागल मह, by the locals from high in the montain of Kaski, Nepal. 

Our suppliers are local people from the Kaski valley with whom we have established a fair and equitable partnership.

 What is Mad honey?

Mad honey is a monofloral rhododendron honey, harvested on the cliffside by honey hunters in Nepal. It is a unique and rare Himalayan honey that is increasingly sought after but less and less available.

This unique honey, concentrated in toxin is daily consumed by some Himalayan tribes in small quantities to do good to their body and their spirit.

Due to its low production, wilderness nature and incredible properties, Mad Honey is definitely the rarest and most expensive honey in the world.


Read our blog article on Mad Honey to discover all the details of this fabulous and rare honey ➡ click here


Our Mad Honey from Nepal🍯

 Intensity : 

This incredible honey reveals a feeling of well-being and it will relax you. Is also an effective aphrodisiac.

We distribute certified, genuine, high-potency mad honey worldwide. We work directly with local honey hunters in Nepal to collect the highest-quality cliff honey available. Our Mad Honey Original is harvested at more than 5000 meters during lockdown 2020 !

Our product is collected fresh from the massive cliffside beehives of Nepal with no processing to assure the purest mad honey possible.

It is at harvest time, (April, May) that mad honey is the strongest!

Medicinal properties :

  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Powerful aphrodisiac
  • Cell regeneration
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Help insomnia
  • Fight Hypertension / hypotension
  • Arthritis
  • Anti-inflamatory 
  • And more ! ...

Nutrition Facts: Calories 55, Fat 0 g, Sodium 0 mg, Carbohydrate 19g, Sugar 20g

Flavor: Complex. Very mild sweetness. Tangy with spicy undertones followed by a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Aroma: Very aromatic. Powerful taste that appears in several steps

Color: Clear Dark appearance between red and brown. Depth varies by harvest.

Physical Consistency. Fluid. It crystallizes quite slowly.

Source: Rhododendron flower


Our product is certified 100% pure ✅

Harvested in June 2021 ✅

Contains high Grayanotoxin rate ✅

Origin : Kaski Valley, Nepal 

How to know if your Mad honey is pure ?

Mad honey, or cliff honey isn’t sweet like regular honey. The compounds responsible for mad honey’s medicinal and psychoactive properties give it a slightly bitter flavor. Its color ranges from red to deep red instead of the golden hue we expect from standard honey. It’s also slightly runnier than regular honey and will produce an itchy sensation in the back of the throat when swallowed.

If you’ve purchased mad honey from another source and it doesn’t match the description above, there’s a good chance it isn’t an authentic product.

The best way to be certain your mad honey is pure is to buy from us. We guarantee the authenticity, purity, and potency of our product.



This product can be nocif  if you dont respect the specifications.

Keep out of reach of children and animalsNot for pregnant woman.

Do not take honey if you are taking anti-anxiety medication!

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To the rest of the world in 7-10 working days 🌎

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Recurring questions

Is your honey labtest ?

Yes of course, lab tested in Katmandu and Paris. You can ask for it at

Is Mad Honey legal ?

Mad honey is legal in the European countries and in the majority of the others, this honey is however prohibited in India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada & Australia

How long does honey keep?

The date on the jars is an indication of freshness: honey can be kept for several years without ever becoming unfit for consumption, but over time it may lose some of its aromas and taste characteristics.

Is your honey pasteurized?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, we prioritize a natural honey which will not have undergone any transformation, except a light filtering to remove the large particles of propolis, pollen and wax which are naturally found in honey. In order to be a supplier of BEELIXIR, each beekeeper is bound by a set of specifications.

Why is there mottling in my jar?

Honey has a low thermal conductivity, unlike glass jars. Under the effect of a variation in temperature, the jar undergoes a slight expansion while its contents will keep its shape. An empty space is then created and will be occupied by air: marbling appears. They are a sign of low humidity of the honey and therefore of a good storage capacity. They prove that the honey has not undergone any handling that could alter its structure: heating, mixing, etc...

Is it normal for my honey to change its appearance?

Honey crystallizes naturally. There can therefore be two phases if it is in the process of crystallization (liquid phase on top, solid phase underneath).

Is honey lower in calories than sugar?

Honey is 25% less caloric than sugar (100g sugar = 400 kcal, 100g honey = 300 kcal), and its sweetening power is 1.3 times higher than sucrose.

Can I put my honey in the fridge?

It is not recommended to keep your honey in the fridge. The cold increases the phenomenon of crystallization and therefore hardening.

Crystallized honey? You put sugar in it?

Each beekeeper who is a partner of Beelixir is bound by a simple and yet very strict set of specifications, as there are no compromises. We do not add sugar to our honey. It is moreover forbidden by law. This fraudulent process is called the adulteration of honey. An article of the CETAM of Lorraine denounces the frauds (labelling --> origin) or adulteration on the honeys of China. Most often sold in a totally opaque way under the name "honeys from EC / non-EC countries". This name, which is legal, often covers a high proportion of honey from China.

I have two identical honeys at home, but they don't taste the same. Is that normal?

The taste of a honey is the result of several uncontrollable factors: The climate, the gleaned flowers, etc... In this respect, a honey will always be a unique, 100% natural product, for which bees decide to eat the flowers according to their desires. The taste can therefore vary slightly from one harvest to another.

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ludovic veerse

Suite a une commande pour tester ce miel sois disan le plus cher du monde effectivement j'ai payé 70 euro mais je n'ai jamais vu la couleur de celui-ci alors oui c'est chère pour du vent quand même c'est une ARNAQUE gardez vos sous ou commandez sur un site plus serieux


Super découverte et très bien emballé. Super pour offrir


C’est ma troisième commande sur Beelixir et rien à dire qualité exceptionnelle pour tous les miels.


Mad Honey orignal - Nepali Rhododendron Honey 50g


Bon miel qui fait tourner la tête après 3 cuillères