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Beelixir, born in 2019, selects for you the rarest and most prestigious honeys from all over the world

A team of passionate people at your service ❤️

Lucas Morinet Beelixir
Lucas Morinet
Founder and creator of Beelixir, he is our conductor! Always brimming with ideas. Lucas is in charge of the development and sourcing of rare products from around the world. He also takes care of pampering our professional customers, supervising orders in large quantities.


Candice Guinchard

Our French rare pearl. A smile and a permanent good mood at the service of the customer! In addition to taking care of you and your questions, Candice handles all your shipments to France and abroad. 


Raziv Bajgain

A brave man in charge of sourcing the best Nepalese honeys. Living in Kathmandu. Also in charge of analyzing our honeys in the competent laboratories. He travels the Himalayas in search of the best possible product. Raziv and Sushant never travel without each other!


Sushant Sapktoka
Web designer and blog editor at Beelixir living in Kathmandu. He also takes care of our Instagram and organizes shipping details from Nepal to France. This is a very valuable asset!


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