Why bees are important for the Planet ?

"If the bees disappeared, man would only have four years to live", Einstein

We begin this article with this well-known quote from Albert Einstein. After all, bees are of paramount importance for our ecosystem and therefore for us.

As you have known for a long time now, bees are in danger. Today we are going to find out why bees are of prime importance for preserving our ecosystem and why they are disappearing.

Why bees are of prime importance for preserving our ecosystem ?

Bees play an indispensable role in the pollination necessary for the reproduction of plants.
In fact, 80% of plant species are pollinated by insects, particularly bees, which make an important contribution to this balance.

Pollination is a service provided by pollinating insects, in particular and mainly bees. By pollarding our numerous species of flowers, this will favour the evolution in quantity and quality of the fruits and seeds produced by the plant species. All seeds and fruits are essential to perpetuate trees and plants as well as to feed many varieties of insects, birds and mammals.

Why are bees disappearing?

In many regions bees are starving to death, as monocultures do not provide enough food for them. There are thousands of plants in nature, some of which are considered undesirable by gardeners or farmers. Some farms cover hectares of monocultures and bees have less and less material to exploit.
A mite imported from Asia in the 1980s, the varroa mite, is methodically decimating apiaries, forcing beekeepers to treat the hives with organic products.

Colony Collapse Syndrome is finally a set of causes that cause the entire disappearance of bee colonies:
- The abusive transport of the hives weakening the swarms by incessant travel.
- The Asian Hornet
- Electromagnetic pollution
- Lack of plants (due to intensive agriculture)
- Lack of genetic diversity in bees (Selection according to productivity)
- Parasites, fungi or viruses
- Pesticides
- Chemical substances released into the environment


Finally, we talk a lot about the loss of bees in the world, but it is biodiversity in general that is threatened. Intensive agriculture, climate change, pollution... All these major changes have a strong impact on our biodiversity and consequently on bees and their survival. It is a collective effort that must be made today and without delay because our Planet is our home and bees are the guardians of our biodiversity.

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