What is the most expensive honey in the world?

We wanted to know which honey was the most expensive in the world and why. Discover this rare honey in this article.


Where is he ?

In Yemen, the second most armed country in the world with 60 million weapons in circulation and a very low standard of living. The village beekeepers keep a constant watch on the wooden or clay hives to prevent them from being looted, it has always been a family affair.

Jujube tree honey, also known as Yemen gold, is an extremely rare honey because the bees mainly collect the flowers of the wild jujube tree, which can only be exploited for a very short period of time.

Its price and why

On average, jujube honey would be sold for $90 per kilo in Yemen. But when it leaves its country of origin, prices can skyrocket, as in Dubai, where it can go as high as $200 a kilo.
The explanation would come firstly from its rarity but also from its recognised therapeutic virtues. Indeed, according to studies conducted in Canada, this honey eliminates 100% of the bacteria responsible for sinusitis and rhino sinusitis.

Despite its virtues, this honey is not widely used as a sugar but as a stimulant for camels to improve their performance during Sheik races

In conclusion

Like any product, honey will have different qualities that can vary enormously. Yemeni honey remains one of the most expensive in the world even if there are others such as the wild honey of Bashkirie or the honey of the Paris Opera.
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  • Robert WESTGATE

    World’s most expensive and valuable honey is Centauri Honey from Turkish Caves . Officially confirmed by Guinness .

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