What is the best honey for a cough or sore throat?

Honey for healing? let's see it together.Honey_health_plants_beelixir

Honey for healing?

As you know, we regularly talk to you about the benefits of honey in general, for example about Manuka honey . Honey is a naturally effective substance to strengthen our immune system, to nourish our instinctual microflora.

The choice of honey is nevertheless interesting in order to target the health problems to be treated.

But then, which honey to choose?

We can advise you mainly Manuka honey in order to treat throat aches, coughs and all respiratory problems most effectively.
Nevertheless, some simpler honeys are also interesting for this type of pathology, we prefer thyme, fir or eucalyptus honey for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic virtues of the respiratory tract. Lavender honey, in addition to being delicious, will also be excellent for soothing sore throats, dry coughs or asthma problems.

How to consume it effectively?

We advise you to consume these honeys by sweetening an herbal tea or tea with the addition of lemon juice. The uses can of course be varied according to your desires. However, be careful if you are diabetic, honey is a product containing Manuka honey in order to treat sore throats, coughs and all respiratory problems as effectively as possible. Oup sugar. And above all, if your health problems persist after several days, consult a doctor!



Don't hesitate to make your selection of honey on beelixir.fr according to your desires and needs, we still strongly recommend Manuka honey.

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