Mad Honey - Nepalese hallucinogenic honey

Nepalese Mad Honey miel hallucinogène

Intrigued by that appellation? Well, you're not going to believe this... Why are you telling me? Find out here in this article, don't miss a bite, you'll be amazed

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This honey can be named in many different ways: Mad honey, crazy honey, hallucinogenic honey, red honey, cliff honey...You will see that it has a rather particular specificity, patience we will tell you about it a little further down. It is a very rare and prized honey, it is harvested only twice a year! You should know that the harvest is not the one we traditionally know in the hives of beekeepers, it is wild bees whose hives are nestled in the heights of the Nepalese Himalayan mountains. This harvest is akin to a hunt, in fact we will come to unhook the beehives stuck to the cliff faces, it is a very high-flying catch. A harvest is carried out in spring and autumn of the same year, hunting is so rare because of its complexity but especially because it is extremely dangerous. This hallucinogenic honey, you understand it, is truly rare and much sought after, you will see during your reading all its exceptional therapeutic, medicinal and psychedelic properties.

Why is Mad Honey hallucinogenic?

Despite what one might think, the hallucinogenic effects are not produced by bees but by the wild rhododendron flower perched at an extreme altitude, which makes the flower sick. The rhododendron is the emblematic flower of Nepal and is found on the national flag, a sign of victory and bravery. The colour red represents the rhododendron. The high altitude flower has a toxin called "grayanotoxin" in its pollen. This toxin is a natural chemical substance produced by the excessive altitude at which the flowers are perched. The process occurs as follows:

  •  The flower of rhododendron grows in very high altitude in the Nepalese mountains, it thus becomes sick and secretes the grayanotoxin.
  • The bees are gathering sick flowers
  • The bees nest their hives in the cracks in the cliffs and produce their crazy honey there.
  • The hunters unhook the hives from the cliffs and collect the honey composed of this psychedelic substance...
Rhododendron honey miel fou miel hallucinogène Mad Honey Népal

    If you think that the bees that produce hallucinogenic honey are cute little bees found in our gardens, you are mistaken! This fabulous nectar is made by one of the largest species of bees in the world called the wild giant Himalayan bees, "apis laboriosa". They can grow up to 3 cm long and their stings are very painful. Impressive, isn't it?!
    As the amount of pollen consumed by the bees cannot be controlled, it is impossible to know whether the honey will be more or less concentrated in grayanotoxin. You can therefore come across a powerful, weak or even sometimes non-existent crop in terms of effects because they can vary according to the seasons. Good news then if you don't want to get sensations, you can enjoy the incredible taste without the psychedelic effects of mad honey, that's the beauty and originality of this exceptional product.Les bienfaits médicinaux du Mad Honey

    The medicinal benefits of Mad Honey

    Hallucinogenic honey is mainly used for its medicinal and therapeutic virtues in Nepal related to the effects of morphine. It is best known for its great aphrodisiac properties, tested and approved...😉
    Here is a list that will allow you to visualize the different medicinal properties:

    • Antiviral and antibacterial
    • Powerful aphrodisiac
    • Regenerates cells
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Calms cough and sore throat
    • Helps with insomnia, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Treats wounds and burns

    Mad honey benefits rhododendron Honey Nepal miel fou hallucinogène Honey

    Of course it doesn't stop there but we prefer to bring you a synthetic list of the most common medicinal properties of hallucinogenic honey.
    Mountain farmers, called "Gurung", to start a busy day, swallow a spoonful each of this crazy honey. Thanks to this, a particularly relaxing effect will be felt. You will notice that the honey produced in spring is the most relaxing of the production, this honey has a nice reddish hue.

    The psychedelic effects of Mad Honey

    Depending on the season, altitude and flowers, bees produce different types of honey of varying intensity. As you will have understood, mad honey can either offer you an incredible taste experience without any effects, or mix the divine taste of this honey with psychotropic sensations.

    Hallucinogenic honey from Nepal miel fou miel hallucinogène népalais

    The name given to this so-called "hallucinogenic" honey does not provoke extreme hallucinations as you might think, some more or less light visual effects on the level of light and colours are observed. In truth, this one provokes diverse and very pleasant sensations:

    • Euphoria
    • Body relaxation and intoxication
    • Feeling of lightness and freedom
    • Visual effects more or less light depending on the intensity of the honey
    • Powerful visual effects for toxin-laden rhododendron honey

    The effects are mainly physical, if you consume it you will notice a perfect lucidity and a deep well-being. One can speak about total intoxication, the sensation is totally similar to a joint of cannabis like a soft and light "high".

    The harvest of Mad Honey

    This unique honey is harvested specifically in the heights of the Himalayas in Nepal at a phenomenal height of about 2500 meters, quite extraordinary! As you may have learned at the very beginning of this article, this psychedelic honey is harvested only twice a year! Yes only two harvests of this crazy honey take place every year which justifies in addition to its rarity.

    Miel hallucinogène de rhododendron gurung honey hunters psychedelic honey Nepal mad honey

    Because of a growing demand, some unscrupulous Nepalese do not hesitate to hunt honey throughout the year, the result: lower yields and honeys with a lower concentration of toxin, moreover the giant bees that produce the honey do not have time to build complete hives due to massive hunting. We make a point of honour of the fact that the harvest is very difficult and dangerous for the Nepalese hunters. At Beelixir we are so fascinated by these extremely brave men that we call them "the beekeepers of the extreme" or "the yamakasis of the forest".

    Nepali Mad Honey hunters miel hallucinogène du Népal chasseur

    The harvesting of Nepalese honey is often a family affair. The Gurung, also known as Tamu, are a Tibetan-Burmese Himalayan ethnic group and are originally mountain farmers, who are considered "crazy" beekeepers. Living in small villages far from the big cities, their isolation and way of life can only leave you speechless and moved. Indeed, this ethnic group lives only by its own production of crazy honey. It is this ancestral know-how, probably one of the oldest in the world, which thus forges the identity of these incredible Nepalese.

    I feel that you are curious about how the hunters harvest this honey. Prepare yourself, you're not going to get over it...

    Mad honey hunters miel fou miel hallucinogène psychedelic honey Nepal beelixir

    To harvest Nepalese honey, the term "hunting" will then be used. The Gurung weave rope ladders on their own in a rather crude way. Clinging to trees in the heights, the hunters then throw their ropes to create makeshift ladders. These men of the extreme cling to the ladders in order to climb the cliffs and reach the walls that shelter the enormous beehives nestled tens of metres high. You may think that accidents are regular, but fatal accidents are rare. Practice and experience passed down from generation to generation allow us to anticipate the dangers of the job. During perilous climbing, they have to hold both the rope and a stick about 7 metres long, and also burnt dry grass which will be used by the hunter to scare and stun the bees from the hives. Then comes the harvest, the hunter using his stick and his bare hands will unhook the hive, the exercise is not simple because the angry bees sting several times these men so brave that they must not weaken and risk falling.

    Beelixir mad honey hunters miel hallucinogène miel rouge red cliff honey nepal

    This harvest is not a matter of a few minutes, it can last two to three hours for a single wall only! In spite of the difficult conditions without protection, in tee-shirts and with bare hands, the Gurungs have forged a real bond with these giant Himalayan bees, a special bond of recognition, trust and above all gratitude towards them.

    Mad honey beelixir miel fou chasseur de miel hunters Népal hallucinogène

    The hunters, who have an infinite knowledge of the bees' practice and behaviour, remain silent for long minutes when they are particularly agitated. When the pieces of the hives are unhooked, they fall from the top of the cliff to complete their fall into the harvest baskets. It is important to know that the honey is harvested as it is and will not be cooked like all the honeys found on the market, it is raw honey, hence the pieces of hives or ashes that can be found in some artisanal pots.

    Impossible not to be amazed by this practice that leaves us speechless.

    Is Mad Honey legal?

    Legal in European and most other countries, Nepalese rhododendron honey is however banned in India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Australia, classified as an unauthorized product.
    The sale and consumption of mad honey is only authorized for adults in countries that legalize it, from 18 years old in France and 21 years old in the United States for example. The consumption of hallucinogenic honey is prohibited during pregnancy because it is dangerous for the health of the foetus.

    How do you taste Mad Honey?

    Mad honey for sale miel hallucinogène à vendre beelixir

    Be careful when you eat Mad Honey, depending on its intensity it is risky to consume more than three spoons a day. At very high doses you can risk intoxication. A honey with a low concentration of toxins can be consumed without any problem, it will deliver a sweet taste.

    In fact, rhododendron honey can be consumed in low doses with an extremely small amount of toxin, making it a refined and exceptional gastronomic dish. It is ideal for sweet and savoury recipes but personally I think that the cheese board is still the best to enjoy this honey, especially with soft cheeses! You can also add a spoonful of this delicious honey to your tea.

    Raw honey how to taste mad honey hallucinogène miel avis

    On the other hand, to keep all the flavours and properties of honey, I advise you to taste it raw in a wooden spoon. According to beekeepers all over the world this is the way everyone should taste their honey.

    On the other hand Mad Honey Original is very strong and has powerful physical effects. Our advice is to consume one to two spoons maximum after a meal once a day. Then you are free to take the dose you wish to ingest but you know by now, too much can be dangerous for your health.

    Nepali hunters honey mad honey miel hallucinogène beelixir

    Where do you get Mad Honey?

    Through this article we have introduced you to Nepalese mad honey, you should know that there is another mad honey, this one comes from Turkey where the harvest is different but similar in taste and effects to Nepalese mad honey. Mad honey from Turkey (deli bal) is also produced thanks to rhododendron flowers but the harvest is not as spectacular as in the high mountains of Nepal.

    Beelixir luxury and rare world’s honey mad honey miel hallucinogène

    At Beelixir we are committed to providing you with a unique and rare honey that comes from fair trade with local tribes.

    It is a raw, pure honey without mixture, you can see it thanks to the analyses provided in Nepalese language translated into English and French available directly on our site.

    BUT BUT BEWARE OF THE SCAMS OF SOME FRAUDULENT WEBSITE which propose attractive offers cheaper according to the quantities proposed on the market. Some commercial sites even go so far as to sell ordinary honeys mixed with medicines or other illegal substances whose smell leaves something to be desired...

    You can also for exemple buy mad honey in the town of Pokhara or Katmandu in Nepal in some markets, but be careful there too! Mad honey is not controlled and is often a scam for tourists, at your own risk ...

    Visit Beelixir to discover more rare and prestigious world's honey!


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