Is honey effective against coronavirus?

Covid 19 is a hot topic and our team investigated whether we could combat the symptoms with honey.

Our team quickly asked itself this question

Our team quickly asked itself this question but we preferred to wait until the situation changed before talking about it.
It is indeed a sensitive subject, this covid-19 has an impact on all of us, especially our beekeepers who are hindered in the work of the hives because of the many restrictions.

We know that the coronavirus involves symptoms quite similar to other known viruses, notably fever, dry cough, sore throat, diarrhoea...
We have felt a strong increase in honey consumption during this health crisis.
Our first piece of advice is to have yourself tested if any of these symptoms appear and to confine yourself in order to protect your loved ones and others.


What can you really do about COVID with honey?

The answer to your question "can covid be treated with honey? "is no.
But wait, we know that honey has many virtues, notably to strengthen the immune system or to treat coughs or sore throats... You can therefore use honey as an excellent ally against the coronavirus because many of the symptoms of this virus are known to be combated by honey. We invite you, for example, to read our article on "Which honey to choose against coughs".

As for many pathologies or symptoms, honey is strongly recommended to treat them. The best honey to use when you are experiencing symptoms such as coughs is Manuka Honey, we invite you to read our article on this fabulous and delicious Manuka Honey.

In conclusion?

This virus remains very dangerous and it is important to take action when you are suffering from symptoms. But as soon as you have done what is necessary, don't hesitate to consume honey such as Manuka, Thyme, Fir, Eucalyptus or Lavender honey to help fight against certain symptoms. It is recognised that honey in general is a strong ally in the fight against certain disorders and to strengthen your immune system.

Do not hesitate to go on to find our selection of quality products. We recommend Manuka honey of a rare quality.

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