Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey
Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey
Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey
Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey
Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey
Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g - Beelixir Rare Honey Mad Honey

Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g

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Pitcairn Island is a tiny volcanic island in the South Pacific Ocean, 3,500 km from the coast of New Zealand. You imagine paradise on earth: then you are in Pitcairn! This magical place is inhabited by the descendants of the rebels of the famous "Bounty".  This island is definitely "GREEN": no cars, so no roads, no factories and no airport. 

A pure honey and for good reason!

The nearest land, the Gambier Islands, being 2,575 km away, the bees of Pitcairn Island have been preserved from the diseases that plague their congeners developing in civilized regions. As a result, the honey they produce remains healthy.

With a virtually zero carbon footprint, biodiversity is rich and unpolluted. The honey produced is therefore pure and 100% organic!

A rare and expensive honey

Pitcairn honey is a very rare and expensive product for a variety of reasons. First of all, the production of this honey is limited by the small surface area of the island (47 km2). Therefore, to small territory small harvest.

On the other hand, the means of transport that connect the island of Pitcairn to the rest of the world, in this case New Zealand, are rather rare. Without forgetting that the duration of the trip is about three weeks. Another factor that can only increase the cost of honey from Pitcairn.

A polyfloral honey

The Pitcairn honey has the particularity of being a polyfloral honey. The bees of the island have taken pleasure in gathering a diversity of wild flowers, natural, not infected by pesticides.

Its taste is light. It brings together the nectar flavors of flowers and fruits foraged by the few colonies of bees. A taste that draws its essence from mango, passion fruit, guava and jambose.

Its color varies according to the species foraged, but does not take anything away from the fact that the honey of Pitcairn remains an exceptional product, very sought-after.

Its virtues

Thanks to its unequalled purity, Pitcairn honey allows you to combine the useful with the pleasant. It is the typical example of alternative medicine. Indeed, we have a natural product, organic, which has several healing virtues.

Remember that Pitcairn honey is a polyfloral honey, which allows it to combine the virtues of the different plants and flowers from which it originates. It is a product which reinforces the capacities of our immune system and helps us to better assimilate food.

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Recurring questions

Is your honey labtest ?

Yes of course, lab tested in Katmandu and Paris. You can ask for it at info.beelixir@gmail.com

Is Mad Honey legal ?

Mad honey is legal in the European countries and in the majority of the others, this honey is however prohibited in India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada & Australia

How long does honey keep?

The date on the jars is an indication of freshness: honey can be kept for several years without ever becoming unfit for consumption, but over time it may lose some of its aromas and taste characteristics.

Is your honey pasteurized?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, we prioritize a natural honey which will not have undergone any transformation, except a light filtering to remove the large particles of propolis, pollen and wax which are naturally found in honey. In order to be a supplier of BEELIXIR, each beekeeper is bound by a set of specifications.

Why is there mottling in my jar?

Honey has a low thermal conductivity, unlike glass jars. Under the effect of a variation in temperature, the jar undergoes a slight expansion while its contents will keep its shape. An empty space is then created and will be occupied by air: marbling appears. They are a sign of low humidity of the honey and therefore of a good storage capacity. They prove that the honey has not undergone any handling that could alter its structure: heating, mixing, etc...

Is it normal for my honey to change its appearance?

Honey crystallizes naturally. There can therefore be two phases if it is in the process of crystallization (liquid phase on top, solid phase underneath).

Is honey lower in calories than sugar?

Honey is 25% less caloric than sugar (100g sugar = 400 kcal, 100g honey = 300 kcal), and its sweetening power is 1.3 times higher than sucrose.

Can I put my honey in the fridge?

It is not recommended to keep your honey in the fridge. The cold increases the phenomenon of crystallization and therefore hardening.

Crystallized honey? You put sugar in it?

Each beekeeper who is a partner of Beelixir is bound by a simple and yet very strict set of specifications, as there are no compromises. We do not add sugar to our honey. It is moreover forbidden by law. This fraudulent process is called the adulteration of honey. An article of the CETAM of Lorraine denounces the frauds (labelling --> origin) or adulteration on the honeys of China. Most often sold in a totally opaque way under the name "honeys from EC / non-EC countries". This name, which is legal, often covers a high proportion of honey from China.

I have two identical honeys at home, but they don't taste the same. Is that normal?

The taste of a honey is the result of several uncontrollable factors: The climate, the gleaned flowers, etc... In this respect, a honey will always be a unique, 100% natural product, for which bees decide to eat the flowers according to their desires. The taste can therefore vary slightly from one harvest to another.

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Kevin Potier

Pitcairn Island Pure Honey 250g

Eugene M.
Pitcairn Island Honey

Very tropical taste, and a fruity smell. Lighter colour honey and a milder flavour. A bit expensive for the amount. But it is rare and unless you are willing to wait several months for delivery from the island itself this is one of the only places to get it within a couple weeks.

Julien Garlic
Merci !!

Merci !! Vraiment incroyable ce miel !!!

Dany jool
OMG <3

Je suis impatient de recevoir cette merveille !!!!!