How to taste honey ?

MIEL DEGUSTATION HOW TO TASTE HONEY LUXE RARE BEELIXIRLet's face it, honey is like wine, it can be tasted!

You take your time to admire its light or dark colour and its creamy or liquid texture, then you open the jar to smell the perfume that comes out of it, sweet, intense or moderate, before tasting it and trying to detect each of the aromas it contains, fresh, sweet, fruity or woody?

Tasting honey is a multi-step process.  The sensations are never the same as the honeys are unique in relation to each other.

There are several ways to taste honey: with a spoon, in a drink, on a slice of bread or cheese, in a recipe...

Here are our tips for a successful taste experience.

Let's start with the most universal way: with a spoon.

There's nothing like tasting pure honey with a spoon and without any artifice to feel all its aromas and flavours.

Whether it is in the morning to give yourself energy, after a meal to finish with a gourmet touch or simply when you feel like taking a sweet break, a spoonful of honey always delights the most greedy.

For tea time lovers, we recommend tasting honey in a hot drink.

An excellent substitute for sugar, honey will bring sweetness and delicacy to your drink.

To accentuate the greedy side of honey, our third moment of tasting concerns breakfast.

On warm bread slices, spread some liquid honey, don't skimp on the quantity, and enjoy a breakfast full of flavours to start the day well.

Finally, for those who like sweet and savoury blends and atypical combinations, here are our tips for getting the most out of honey.

Let's start with the essential honey-cheese associations: for an intense and strong-tasting association, we recommend you taste the soft rhododendron honey from the Himalayas combined with Roquefort.  For something sweeter and more delicate, opt for Acacia or Manuka honey.

And for lovers of simplicity, prefer simpler but equally delicious recipes such as a goat-honey pizza or a goat-honey puff pastry with mountain honey for example.

There are many ways to enjoy honey.  Taste guaranteed!

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