Bees produce more honey during lockdown 🐝

Honey producer during quarantine lockdown bee pollution beekeepers

Weather conditions are favourable and as there is less pollution with confinement, bees are more numerous in the hives and produce more honey.

Bees make more honey on quarantine 

No one really cared about them during this unprecedented lockdown, and yet they are there.  In preparation for the July honey harvest, the bees continue to work with the seriousness and rigour they are known for.  In some areas, they are even zealous in taking advantage of the calm and the decline in human activity outdoors..

A good year awaited, after a bad year 2019

The first harvests are underway in France and the rest of the world.  Beekeepers have not stopped their activity because of the coronavirus and containment measures have no impact on honey production.

In France, but more particularly in Alsace, in the Vosges du Nord Regional Park, it is even unheard of.  Yields are exceptional according to the majority of French beekeepers. 

 "In the space of three days, I had exceptional nectar yields, around four kilos per day.  In the fir tree, where the honey flows are intense, it's usual, but at the beginning of the year, such a volume every day... I've never seen such a volume in twenty years of beekeeping."  says Pierre Stephan, a French organic beekeeper, to a local newspaper. 

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